ood-day." "No, no, come home with me. I want to have a talk with you." Oliver reflected that his new acquain

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tance, who had been so mysteriously kind, mi

  • ght be disposed to furnish h

  • im with some employment, a

  • nd thought it best to accept

  • the invitation, especially


as his time was of little value. Twenty m

  • inutes' walk brought them to

  • the door of a fine brown-st

  • one house on a street leadin

  • g out of Fifth Avenue. Th


e old gentleman took out a latch-key, opened

  • the front door, and signe

  • d to Oliver to follow him up

  • stairs. He paused before a front room

  • on the third floor. Both ent


ered. The room was in part an ordinary bed-c

  • hamber, but not wholly. In o

  • ne corner was a rosewood c

  • ase containing a number of s

  • teel instruments. The old

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gentleman's face lighted up with st

sir," he said. "I made but a light

range triumph, and he locked the door. Oliver thought it singular, but suspected

no harm. "Now, my young friend," said the old man, "I will tell you why I brought you here." "If you please, sir." "I am a physician, and am in search of a hidden principle of nature, which I am satisfied can only be arrived at by vivisection." "By what, sir?" e

xclaimed Oliver, whom the feverish, excited air of the old man began to startle. "I propose to cut you up," said the old man composedly, selecting an ugly looking instrument, "and watch carefully the――" "Are you mad, sir?" exclaimed Oliver, aghast. "Do you wish to murder me?"

"You will die in behalf of science,"

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